Best Time-Tested Abundance Technique for Creating Wealth Flow

Simplicity is the name of the game.

Approach everything you do with simplicity and it becomes easier and easier to just be alive in a body. The angst and worry can begin to dissolve and disappear.

A Sure Way to Become More Abundant

One way to accomplish a strong flow of abundance is to give and pay for goods and services with love. You can do that by wishing the best to the person you’re interacting with when paying for something.

If you work in retail, a restaurant, or any kind of service job, sending with love can bring tips and more sales.

How to Use This Method

  • A simple “Thank You” works wonders.
  • Practice sending love with payments you send with Bill Pay, PayPal, or other system.
  • Always say Thank You to sales and delivery people.
  • Make a habit of seeing your money infused with love.

Who Should You Give Thanks To?

Everyone you interact with. Even if (and especially if) someone has really screwed up or is just rude, you should send them love.

You’re actually sending the love at a higher vibration than the behavior. It is not lost just because someone doesn’t align with it immediately. In fact, it’s always there anyway, saying Thank You is a reminder to everyone that it’s accessible to them.

Abundance Tip

Start each day with a visualization of money wrapped in love. See the dollar bills, pounds, euros, or other currency infused with love and Divine Light.

After a while — a week or so — this image will automatically pop into your mind when handling money. The image is connected to the love you’ve infused it with. Voila! The abundance is flowing no matter what state of mind you’re in at the moment.