Best Wealth Consciousness Books

Best wealth consciousness books list for those who want to enjoy prosperity.

Here’s the truth about wealth consciousness: It has nothing to do with actual money.

Wealth is not about having the latest car, a big fancy home, or wearing designer clothes. It’s not about having lots of cash in the bank. Instead, it’s about thinking in a wealthy way and identifying daily with your inner value and that of others.

The best wealth consciousness books have a secret to reveal. Today’s readers and teachers know: Everyone is worthy and has value to give. EVERYONE!

Think and Grow Rich

An easy to read modern version with the full original text included.

Think and Grow Rich reveals the truth behind growing and maintaining financial wealth. The system Napoleon Hill writes about is the same one many wealthy people across the world have used to build their wealth consciousness and their bank accounts. There are many versions of Napoleon Hill’s original book about his wealth creating system. This one is edited by the Napoleon Hill Foundation and is, for a short period of time, free when you subscribe to audible. (FYI We could make a small commission if you choose to purchase through any links on this page.)

A Happy Pocket Full of Money

Based on the recent discoveries of theoretical physics and a detailed assessment of the inspirational classics of the previous century,¬†David¬†Gikandi has built a new structure for creating personal wealth. It’s a new model that uses the building of happy relationships, an eager, joyful approach to life, and creating abundance by giving and saving. David teaches you an internal mantra that supports building wealth consciousness. It’s such an easy process, you’ll actually be smiling as the mantra appears over and over throughout the text. By practicing deliberate thinking and intention building, you automatically begin the wealth building process without effort or any kind. Decide, define, and set goals you can believe in. This book includes a study guide for individual and group use. One of the easiest best wealth consciouness books to help you learn more.

Money, and the Law of Attraction

This book has been written so that you deliberately align with the most powerful law in the universe and make it work for you in ways you never thought possible.

Money is just one of the many topics Esther Hicks and Abraham cover in their gatherings. They would agree with David Gikandi that wealth consciousness is about building a feeling and a knowing from within, and choosing to operate in appreciation for what is happening in the moment. This book is packed with processes, examples, and guidance about manifesting the wealth you want in your life.

Best Wealth Consciousness Books