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Email tarot reading This is a distance reading. I record what I receive and then send you an .mp3 via email.

Channeled Multidimensional Portraits Visual Messages from Spirit as an 8x8inch painting/art.

Shop for dimensional art. COMING SOON!!

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How Tarot Readings Can Help You

You’re directing your life. I’m just here to help you get clear about how you can operate more successfully.

This information can help you enjoy better day-to-day results.

It’s my greatest pleasure to see my clients succeed, especially when they believed they couldn’t.

SEE a SOUL PORTRAIT and HEAR my INTERPRETATION of the symbols & images in this portrait.

The information provided is designed to expand your awareness, but as always, we have to state it’s for entertainment purposes only!

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Thank you for allowing me to serve you!


  1. Sylvia Kavaney

    Caught the replay of your visit with Dr Gail. All I can say is WOW!! How absolutely amazing. I will definitely be contacting you for a reading and portrait and will wait for however long it takes you.
    I’ve seen you in the various chats as Deep Albuquerque through the years. I can’t get over how beautiful your artwork is and am fascinated to see how mine will turn out.
    I have to wait about two weeks but this is something I feel a need to have done.

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