Abundance Techniques for Creating Wealth Flow

Abundance techniques can put prosperity into your hands. Simplicity is the name of the game.

Approach everything you do with simplicity, and it becomes easier and easier to feel the flow of love and energy in every dollar. The angst and worry can begin to dissolve and disappear when the framework is simple.

A Sure Way to Become More Prosperous

One way to accomplish a strong flow of abundance is to give and pay for goods and services with love. You can do that by wishing the best to the person you’re interacting with when paying for something.

Practice sending love with payments you send with Bill Pay, PayPal, or other system.

If you work in retail, a restaurant, or any kind of service job, sending with love can bring tips and more sales. Any good waitress knows this to be true.

Use Simple Abundance Techniques for Fast Turnarounds

Don’t get caught up in the idea that creating flow is complicated. It’s not. However, expecting a particular outcome is going to slow things down. Checking on your progress is going to slow things down.

Instead, approach wealth building in a more steady way. Use methods that aren’t pushy or obvious. Try these three cash-building techniques:

  1. A simple “Thank You” works wonders. Always say Thank You to sales and delivery people and customer service reps.
  2. Start each day with a visualization of money wrapped in love. See the dollar bills, pounds, euros, or other currency infused with love and Divine Light. Make a habit of seeing your money infused with love.
  3. End each day by giving thanks to everyone you interacted with, even if, and especially if, someone really screwed up.

Who Should You Give Thanks To?

Send love and thanks to everyone you interact with. That’s a tall order, really. If you can’t do it with everyone, do it with as many as you can during the course of a day.

Love is actually a higher vibration than any misbehavior. It is not lost just because someone doesn’t align with it immediately. In fact, it’s always there. Thank You is a reminder to everyone that it’s accessible to them.