My #1 Secret Weapon to Manage My Thoughts

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Manage my thoughts? You probably think this is a crazy idea. In fact, orderly thinking isn’t a new idea.

Have you ever felt this way?

Your mind is muddled, and you can’t get a clear idea about which direction to turn, which choice to make, or how you’re going to resolve something.

Sounds like every day stuff, huh? It can be debilitating, or at least feel that way. 

Here’s What I Do To Manage My Thoughts

I call in divine order. Here’s how I do it: I just stop in my tracks. I take a couple of deep breathes, and I ask in my head for divine order. Then I let the thought go, and I do my best to stop thinking about the subject that’s bothering me. If you want to use the “manage my thoughts” idea, it’s simple to do.

Why I Love This Method to Align with Source 

  • It’s so easy to do.  
  • There’s no equipment required, no music, no perfect way to sit. 
  • You don’t even have to believe in anything except that it works. It’s not necessary to know why or how it works. 

You can just keep walking and moving through your day and just formulate the thought in your head. There’s no need to meditate or find a quiet place or even identify what it is that’s troubling you. You really don’t have to take the deep breathes. It’s just something I do to mark the moment.

In fact, identifying the problem can make more problems. Just acknowledge you’re uncomfortable and don’t know why. Ask for divine order and then let the whole thing go. 

The Technique I Use to Manage My Thoughts

Tosha Silver uses the idea of Divine Order to navigate the world. She’s one of many who know the benefits of connecting with higher guidance.

What is Divine Order? 

Divine order is the order of things without human interference.

Humans have ideas about what is and isn’t appropriate. They have ideas about who is right and who is wrong. They have conditions they want met. 

Divine order is the perfect solution for everyone involved without justification or explanation. 

Divine order is not about winning or losing. It’s about the perfect balance. 

How does this work?

Who cares how it works?

I have no idea how it works. You don’t need to know how it works to reap the benefits of the process.

Most people don’t know how a coin operated washing machine works, but they know if they put the right amount of money in the slot and the right amount of detergent into the tub, they’ll be able to wash their clothes. 

More About Divine Order

  • Divine order can also be called Grace.
  • It can be felt, but not fully described in human terms.
  • Divine order is available at all times, you just have to line up with it and accept what comes. 
  • Divine order puts you in the right place at the right time. However, it’s typically in retrospect or after the fact that we often see the brilliance of what just happened for us.

That’s the trick

You just accept what comes. If you start to argue with what’s unfolding, you lose the solution pretty fast. 

Harm Ye None

There’s an underlying principle that many Wiccans and pagan people attach to everything they do, ask for, or desire. And that is “And Harm Ye None.” Which means, give me this without harming anyone. 

I believe this is how Divine Order operates.