Horoscopes July 29 – August 4, 2019

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Aries (Mars) – The argument you’re having in your head is with yourself. Who are you directing it at, and why? You are in the process of forming a new idea about who you are. Put your focus on what you want to feel like every day and what you want your world to look like. Don’t hang on to past hurts, or you’ll take them with you. 

Taurus (Venus) – Your divine nature is never in jeopardy, but it can rearrange itself. You’re experiencing a moment when earthly goals and plans seem a bit wonky and even unnecessary. Spend some time putting your home, office, life in order. Literally clean out, throw away, and donate what you don’t want. This will make room for new ideas to unfold. 

Gemini (Mercury) – Remember, what’s going on inside your psyche is getting projected to the outside if you need to see it to understand it. Humans are constantly reformulating their environment in this manner. Never take anything personally, ever. The process of rewiring your ideas about family and self is underway within you. 

Cancer (Moon) – Shockingly happy about stepping away from someone and the life they were attempting to impose on you? Creating your own happiness is part of becoming a stable human being. You begin to uncover the truth about the belief systems you were brought up with. A new sense of your personal power is pushing its way into your life. 

Leo (Sun) – Get up and move around and burn off some of that energy that’s building inside you. You don’t feel very joyous at the moment because you’ve got a decision to make. If you will tap into how you truly want to feel, everything will shift into place nicely. Stop fighting with what you can’t see and trust you’re where you need to be. 

Virgo (Mercury) – With transformation comes a release. Whether you’ve lost a family member or an aspect of yourself has transformed, you’re probably feeling a bit lost. Now you can get real about what you need to do for yourself. You don’t need to save anyone; you can’t actually save someone. Instead, treat others as you wish to be treated. 

Libra (Venus) – Final decisions ae still up for grabs. Become more aware of what you’re focused on. When you know that, you can mold that focus toward a happy ending for yourself. There’s a lot of antsy energy pushing you to make a choice and the need to direct that energy properly is required. A new business venture/source of income is developing. 

Scorpio (Pluto) – The temptation is to cling to a well-worn path or perception to create a new life for yourself. Since thoughts build one on top of the other, arriving at a different point of view from the same pattern of thoughts isn’t likely to happen. Is there something new you can think about? Dreamtime is a good place to ask for assistance. 

Ask and It Is Given

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – Just a few more weeks, and you’ll feel differently about where you’re headed. Stop picking at it; it’s not helping your cause to be a loud mouth. The sudden realization that you’ve been fighting against no one is a bit startling. You truly are creating your own reality even if you don’t believe it. 

Capricorn (Saturn) – Ups and downs. Ups and downs. You’re being called toward a deeper understanding of yourself and being pulled toward an old pattern of family behavior. The process of building your own sense of emotional stability is what you’re manifesting around you. Develop a physical skill further for more internal balance. 

Aquarius (Uranus) – Your love for family (physical and nonphysical) is not in question. In fact, you’ve got lots of support for this next move you’re planning. Change is a constant. Just accept that and gather your personal power. Remember, chaos can often show up before a sense of order falls into place. 

Pisces (Neptune) – You’re just working through the details, that’s all. The worry is beginning to lift and a very productive happy feeling is dropping into place. A new way to approach your love relationships is supporting you now. Moving forward gets easier when you separate the illusion from the truth.