Are You Psychic, or Just Pretending To Be Psychic?

Psychic abilities are simply another way of perceiving our 3-D reality. I believe we all have numerous capabilities in a dormant state within us. However, most people never acknowledge or develop the psychic aspect of their physical experience.

Becoming aware of other states of perception is a good way to tap into these skills. A psychic is simply a person who can feel, sense, hear, or intuit outside of the five senses. Some psychics can sense through taste, color, and smell. Others have an internal knowing or a flash of insight about events, people, and situations.

The History of the Word

According to Merriam-Webster, the word psychic comes from the Greek word psychikos which means “of the soul”. The word psychikos is derived from the word psychÄ“ which means “soul”.

To be psychic is defined as being “sensitive to nonphysical or supernatural forces and influences marked by extraordinary or mysterious sensitivity, perception, or understanding.”

First Known Use of psychic

The folks at Merriam-Webster define the word psychic as an adjective and as a noun.

According to their data, the word psychic was first used as an adjective around the year 1645. It was defined as: “of or relating to the psyche PSYCHOGENIC.”

It began being used as a noun in 1860, and it meant: “a person apparently sensitive to nonphysical forces.”

The Psychic Truth

Reality isn’t as concrete as we’ve been lead to believe. Our physical senses are not the only way to interpret our current reality.

Cultivate a relationship with your inner senses by developing a daily practice that attunes you to them. Meditation is a great way to tap into who you really are, instead of the person you pretned to be.

No Meditation Necessary!

While there’s no magic bullet to make you wiser and more aware, you can improve your odds. You can accomplish this quietly and without anyone knowing.

List of ways to improve your psychic ability:

  • Examine your emotions and responses. Anything that triggers a negative response in you is there to show you something about yourself. It can look as if people want to harm you and events can feel VERY REAL. I’m not saying they aren’t real events. However, you are involved at some level, or you wouldn’t be noticing it or interacting with the energy. Find out why by asking yourself, “What is this trying to tell me about myself?”

How does this make you psychic? Anytime you increase your awareness about your own emotions and patterns of response, it helps you improve psychic skills.

  • Mind your own business. The easy way to do this is to stop talking and start listening. Don’t give advice, and don’t interrupt. Most importantly, don’t plan what you’re going to say while the other person is speaking. Just smile and listen to your own responses from the inside out. Take your attention away from automatically responding and place it on feeling. Easier said than done, frankly, but a very enlightening process to follow.

How does this make you psychic? Inner sensations and the movement of energy in your body can become more obvious when you mind your own business.

  • Go neutral. If you start to explain or define a situation, back off and go neutral. Your words are shaping the energy and giving it meaning that it doesn’t have. Skip both positive and negative thinking, and go neutral. This turns the energy in a more beneficial direction for solutions to arrive.

How does this make you psychic? Going neutral is an opportunity to begin to learn and discern psychic energy.

Staying in Awareness

At first, you’ll slip in and out of awareness. This is a normal response. To better anchor awareness try these methods:

  • Use music to alleviate the negative chatter. Ambient, classical, and instrumental pieces that are uplifting are best. Lyrics can interfere and even trigger certain types of negative thinking.
  • Adapt an everyday routine to align with awareness. For instance, opening and closing cabinets and doors can become a symbol of awakening or new information. Washing your face can become a moment of cleaning away old ideas, so you can see new information better.