Predictions for January 2020 Using the Tarot

Predictions for January 2020 are highlighted in this article.

Hello everyone! Just popping in to report on the horoscope readings for 2020 and the week of January 13 – 19, 2020. Read this week’s horoscopes.

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Predictions for January 2020 – Here’s What I’m Seeing

The Magician card and the five of wands showed up numerous times. They were both placed prominently in the readings overall. Along with the Transformation card and many of the cards denoting mental, emotional, and verbal release.

This tells me we’re getting ready to see even more disagreement nationally and internationally. (Can we even call it disagreement any more? It looks more like an upheaval or a social/psychological disorder, right?)

People in power will be attempting to assert themselves in any manner they can. People who aren’t in power will do the same. It’s an absolute circus everywhere you look.

What is All This?

Here’s a helpful analogy: Think about a cut on your body that’s in the process of healing. Eventually the body pushes the ugly, nasty pus and gunk to the surface to get rid of it. That’s what’s happening to many governments, institutions, and social structures. Not only is democracy changing, but any structure based on greed, hate, or top-down power and control is rearranging itself and even coming to an end.

What you’re seeing is a natural process. The old continues to fight for its place even as it becomes obvious it can no longer operate or exist. We’ve just never seen it occur in such a widespread manner before, and it’s beyond dramatic.

The way we operate as a species is changing and changing for the better. It just doesn’t look like it right now. Greed, hate, and fear are headed out the door. Compassion is now the name of the game. That doesn’t mean giving away your personal freedom nor does it mean you have to agree with anyone. It just means everyone’s right to be who they are is in play.

Ways to Deal with Too Much of a Bad Thing

  • Do not let yourself focus on any of this too long. Focusing on a perceived problem doesn’t allow the solutions to float into your thoughts…they can’t because your thinking is so overwhelmed.
  • Keep turning toward meditation to manage your thoughts. A simple 5 to 10 minutes of deep breathing and focus on No-Thing can open up space in your thoughts. This relieves physical and mental pressure. It also allows you to further develop your relationship with who you really are inside.
  • Stop blaming others for your circumstances. This is a fear-based response. There is no blame, and there is no guilt. Remember, everything is neutral until you give it meaning.
  • Ask for help from your inner well of knowledge. Everyone has an inner well of knowledge and resources. Simply ask in your head and heart for a recognizable path to a solution. It will come.