Psychic Reading: The Future of Us is Now!

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We’re So Close! Can you feel the intensity? We’re almost crashing the shoreline! Psychic reading for this week is here.

Tarot readings for this week’s horoscopes were extremely intense and filled with a level of anger that was startling. We’re close to the point of toppling the nest of negativity and living a more balanced experience

Please remember, this is not a predictive process for me. This is simply a snapshot of the current dominant energies. There is momentum in these energies which makes them highly likely to manifest physically. That’s why they come through in the readings I do.

What Should Intuitive or Empathic People Expect?

The third eye psychic reading I did says more of the same delivered in a format meant to destroy the truth. They can’t achieve this, but they will try. In fact, they will continue to try to no avail.

It’s important to keep in mind that this process will remove dross and manipulation that has infiltrated our governmental systems and our personal histories.

Here’s How to Avoid the Drama

A good way to look at all of this drama and chaos is to see it simply as a manifestation of energy. It’s neither good or bad until you label it as such, and interacting with it can mean that you’re labeling it. You don’t have to match the energy. You can observe it and not interact with it.

Try These Third Eye Practices As We Move Forward

  1. Operate from your heart center. Learn how to breathe from your heart. Practice breathing from your heart by placing your attention on your heart and breathing in and out from that point of focus.
  2. Don’t take the anger with you. Ask for help in transforming anger before falling asleep.
  3. Continue to create your future by choosing more light and understanding. The future is a choice we make in every moment.
  4. Look for love and kindness. Deliver love and kindness.