Finding Success: The Power of Wands

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Seven of Wands

Volumes could be written about our current state of affairs. Instead of depending upon the “experts” to comment on these changes, I turn to the tarot for insight.

Tarot allows me to use my own judgment and discernment about what I see and feel. It takes the outside narrative out of the picture. I like that because I can really dig around and discover what it is I feel and know about something as opposed to accepting what others designate as right or wrong.

We’re seeing unprecedented circumstances across the globe. Each of us has experienced an unusual turn of the tides, and we will continue to see shifts, change and upheaval in industry, across social landscapes and in our physical surroundings. This includes our personal situations and how we interact with the world.

Power Card for This Week

While doing the weekly tarot readings, I often come across a card or multiple cards that reappear over and over. This week, it was the Seven of Wands. The suit of wands mirror back to us our values, primal energy, sources of inspiration, our personal determination, strength, ambition, our intuition, creativity, and our growth and expansion. 

Wands represent the element of fire. Fire has many uses from clearing the ground for future crops to cooking food to keeping us warm and physically safe. Fire transforms.

About the Seven of Wands

The image is of a person standing on higher ground defending against, fighting off or protecting something they care about or support. Six wands appear in the foreground. The viewer cannot see what these wands are attached to or who holds them. The defender holds the seventh wand to block or set a boundary.

The seven of wands speaks about courage and strength and the power to defend ourselves against multiple aggressors and aggressive events. It’s a card of having the advantage and being true to yourself. It talks of words being exchanged, discussion, trade and competition. 

Psychic Trail’s Interpretation of the Seven of Wands

Ultimately the 7 of wands can signal success and holding the higher ground. It most cases, this card brings a level of satisfaction to the querent and can indicate the need to hold their position.

However, if it is engaged with cards that indicate it’s about support for your opponent (internal or external) or you, the querent, are a bully and falsely claiming the high ground, you could experience a landslide of another kind. 

Interpretation: Choose to know who you are and where you truly stand. We each have far more power over our lives than we know. Refocus your thoughts when confronted with adversity to help you turn your experience into a victory. Take a moment to breathe deeply and get your bearings before refocusing.

How to Achieve Seven of Wands Zen

Have patience with yourself. This practice takes persistence. Return over and over to this practice even with situations that outwardly appear “normal” to you.The ego loves to gut punch, so hold your focus and ignore the incessant chatter it loves to use to scare you and subvert your true self. If you find yourself feeling on the defensive, shift your perception and look for the positive aspect of what your are seeing.

Over time you will begin to naturally respond in a more positive manner and gain balance and control over your thoughts and ego. It’s not magic. It’s hard work.