Hidden in This Week’s Horoscopes

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Are You Moving Forward?

Summer is always an active time of the year. Summer smells different. Summer feels different. Summer is a signal that life is manifesting all around us whether we want it to or not.

The Weekly Horoscope’s Message

During this week’s horoscope readings, I wasn’t terribly surprised when I kept turning up the Six of Swords. I don’t always see the traditional card meanings when I’m reading. I read cards at both a visceral and literal level, and I read this card as a symbol of movement, travel, and changing locations (both physically and mentally). It’s not necessarily a comfortable card, although it can bring a sense of relief, and it requires a level of commitment.

The card depicts a body of water which has the appearance of a lake, stream, cove or river. However, the water the boat is gliding on is turbulent on the backside (actually on the viewer’s side at the front of the card) and calm and smooth as glass on the far side of the boat. If you’ll look closely, further in the distance you’ll notice that the turbulence can be seen again. 

The navigator is skirting a problem and turning his human cargo away from something.

What’s the Impact for You?

The message here is, yes, you can move away from a perceived uncomfortable situation, but you always take yourself with you. Eventually the things you were trying to avoid by leaving will need to be addressed.

Although it appears the problems are outside of you. That’s not entirely true. The issues are not caused by the people or circumstances you’re leaving behind. In reality, the people, the environment, the crazy interactions, and the story you’re telling yourself are things you’ve bought into. They’re tied to your belief systems. They are thoughts turned into things.

What Can You Do?

You’re in charge of your own life, and if you know moving is what you need to do, then do it. Moving your household because of a job, a career move, a divorce, a bad environment, to protect someone else, or the desire for a fresh start are all perfectly normal reasons to go.

Just remember, whatever your personal perceptions and belief systems are, they will recreate similarity on the other end of your move. Change your thoughts and underlying beliefs, and the move will truly lead to a new way of life for you.

About the Six of Swords

The beauty of the Six of Swords is that the navigator doesn’t seem to be steering the boat directly into similarity and repetition. In the Rider Waite Tarot Deck illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith, the male figure is the same person in the Magician card (consciousness), the shrouded figure is the High Priestess (the subconscious) and the child is the one in the Sun card (superconsciousness or the higher self). (Please note:  These figures are part of everyone, whether you’re physically male or female or you identify in an untraditional way.) You are protecting something in this movement toward a new physical or mental place/arena.

What does all this mean in the bigger picture of society and the craziness we seem to be so focused upon as a species? It tells me humanity is actively searching for a way out of the nuttiness and confusion. There are those of us who have quietly turned our attention inward, who are moving step-by-step into unchartered territory, who are searching for the most preferred spot for us. We’re looking for a place of more harmony and well-being and a clearer understanding of who we are. We’re doing this by feeling our way into this new place, and this card is identifying our physical movement in this area.

But Wait! There’s a catch.

In actuality, you don’t have to depend on stealth or physical effort to traverse into this new territory. Instead, if you’ll turn to the child, the superconscious, your Inner Being, Source, the Universe, God, or whatever word you use for divine order, and ask it to guide you, AND you allow it to do so, you’ll end up exactly where you need to be without the panic, worry, or fear.

It is Possible to Do.

Reducing the clutter in your thoughts, even just a few moments every day, will help you “see” your way into the next phase. Quieting your mind for 10 minutes a day is all you need to do.  Just sitting and listening to classical music, really listening to it for 10 minutes will do you a world of good.