About Psychic Trail

What’s a Psychic Trail?

Everyone has an energy field. Your psychic trail is the trail of unseen energy you carry with you. This trail holds information about you.

Psychics see that energy, hear it, or sense it in some way. They then interpret this energy for you using tools and abilities that help them connect to the energy.

I call it reading energy.

Who I AM

I’m Melissa.

I live in sunny New Mexico.

I’ve been reading tarot for clients for several decades. I’ve studied the cards and energy patterns for more than 35 years. My skill is reading energy on the soul level. I can often see human agendas at work in people’s lives and help point clients in a beneficial direction.

I read for individuals and small business owners. No groups please. No friends or family accompanying you during your reading. See the services I offer here.

It’s my greatest pleasure to see my clients succeed, especially when they believed they couldn’t.

How Readings Can Help You

You’re directing your life. I’m just here to help you get clear about how you can operate more successfully.

This information can help you enjoy better day-to-day results.

What Psychic Trail Provides

In-person tarot readings via Skype, Facetime or Phone

Email tarot reading This is a distance reading. I record what I receive and then send you a recording via email.

Channeled art from Spirit

See and schedule all products.

The information provided is designed to expand your awareness, but as always, we have to state it’s for entertainment purposes only!

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Thank you for allowing me to serve you!