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Tools for Shifting Thoughts and Manifesting Dreams

Art Resources

  • My FAVORITE ballpoint pen to draw with is the Bic 4-Color
  • Watercolor setGrumbacher Watercolor Set – Basic
  • Watercolor paperStrathmore Cold Press Watercolor Pad – Pick a size. You can always cut smaller sizes from a larger pad.
  • Watercolor palette with lid – These are inexpensive and you’ll probably have several if you paint often.
  • Brush set – This is a BIG topic and the range is huge. If you’re just starting out, something inexpensive is best. The Grace Art Watercolor Brush Set is great. Otherwise, use this list to choose which ones you need for watercolor work: Round And Flat In # 2,4,6,8,10 and 12. Sable brushes are a nice choice.
  • Color pencils – I recommend Prisma Color Pencil Sets. The quality of the pencil & pigments are excellent.
  • Acrylic paints – Another BIG topic. I prefer Liquitex for beginners. Start with the small tubes until you decide you really want to paint. Soft Flow/Body are easier to use for beginners. Heavy Body can be too thick for learning to paint.
  • Sketchbooks – I like Mixed Media sketchbooks. Canson makes a decent sketchbook. Mixed media sketchbooks are great because the paper works with slightly wet and dry media, so it’s good for pencils, quick watercolor sketches and markers. Sizes in the 5×8 to 9×12 range are very manageable and fit easily into handbags and backpacks.
  • Frames for art


  • Tarot decks – The Classic Tarot Deck for is The Rider Waite Coleman Deck also called the Rider Deck. This is the first modern tarot deck. Comes with a small booklet with information about each card and a very basic how to layout and read a Celtic Cross Tarot Spread.
  • Tarot books – I never used a book to learn tarot. I learned by examining each card and learning as much as I could about each card. If you want to get into the esoteric side of the cards and really learn how they operate in a person’s life, I recommend these books for your library:

Kabbalah and Wester Mystery Tradition

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