Vortex Meditation CD – The Success Story

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This is the Abraham Hicks meditation CD that ABE-ers talk about. This vortex meditation is helpful in relieving resistance and confusion. I bought this CD and book in December of 2010 and have found the purchase to be immensely helpful for my clients.

I recommend beginning with this vortex meditation if you have trouble staying focused. It’s very helpful for slowing the chatter going on in your head.

What’s On the CD?

Each meditation on this CD has two layers. One layer contains the breathing instructions for that meditation. The other layer is the guided meditation. The breathing and meditation work together. Some people find this irritating. Others love that they don’t have to learn a thing. You don’t need to remember how to do this.

The CE also includes a recording from Jerry Hicks (RIP) and one from Abraham. A book is also included. The book enhances the meditation material.

How I Use The Vortex Meditation

I’ve studied meditation and law of attraction for many years. Even the greatest yogis will tell you that turning off the chatter is difficult. For many people, the biggest obstacle to achieving personal success is the mind. Belief systems can also cause problems.

My reason for offering this inexpensive solution is that it works. In my experience, it calms the mind and reduces stress. Do you know what it feels like not to chatter incessantly inside your head? You can find out what it feels like, and begin to establish a steadier connection with Source, by incorporating a regular meditation practice like this into your day.

Steps I Used:

  1. Used this nightly for close to six months.
  2. Listened using a small handheld CD player and earbuds.
  3. Used it right before bed. In fact, I usually listened with the lights off and fall asleep right after the meditation was over.
  4. Listened to one meditation each night (after the initial listening per Abraham’s directions…read the guide book to find out more)
  5. Sometimes listened to the same track three or four night in a row.
  6. Nine years later, and I still use the CD when I feel a bit troubled before going to bed.

My Amazing Vortex Meditation results:

  1. Obtained immediate relief from stress within a week
  2. Felt better physically and mentally upon waking
  3. Removed the edge from worry and distress, and in fact, worry pretty much disappeared for long periods of time
  4. I slept better.
  5. It gave me some traction to approach the day successfully and in a happier frame of mind. Or, as Abraham would say, it prepaved the way and built momentum toward what I wanted, which is clarity and happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does someone who reads tarot cards need to do this? I’m human and need help working through my thoughts just like anyone else. I also needed an easy way to separate from client’s information. Readers can suffer burnout if they don’t find ways to release the energy after a reading.

Why would you follow Abraham Hicks? Because the information is clear and helpful and easy to access. For instance, Abraham Hicks has outlined certain requirements that allow listeners to use their recorded material if they follow certain requirements. See this information from their Youtube About page:

Esther has generously allowed fans of the Teachings of Abraham to copy and post short audio excerpts from their copyrighted Abraham material here on YouTube, and a search of YouTube will reveal thousands of recordings on countless topics that may be accessed for free. Esther only requires that others follow these USE OF COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL GUIDELINES: Do not post any workshop video footage (including audio and video from Abraham NOW). Also, postings of audio material are limited to clips of 15-minutes or less, and multiple-part postings are not permitted.