Today’s Horoscopes – October 28 – November 3, 2019

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Aries (Mars) – Identifying the misperceptions and illusions in your thinking will help you achieve more in the near future. Refocus on the best in yourself and others, and you’ll easily see where you can shore up a misguided attitude or poorly constructed situation. You’re fighting with yourself and no one else. 

Taurus (Venus) – Are you sacrificing a good situation for what you believe MUST be true? Check yourself this week for emotional hotspots that send you off track. If you find you’re spending too much time on trying to make something right, then you need to back off. Meditate, contemplate, and refocus the direction of your thoughts. 

Gemini (Mercury) – As long as you aren’t deluded about an upcoming travel opportunity, you should be able to manage the situation just fine. That means you must allow yourself to clearly see your role in the circumstances. This information will provide you with a way to complete a future project successfully. 

Ask and It Is Given

Cancer (Moon) – As we enter mid-autumn, we can dig deeper into long-held beliefs that may be causing us to overrespond. What manifests around you is a result and is there only to show you where your thinking is leading you. You can change any situation by simply changing the way you think about it.

Leo (Sun) – There’s a sense of completion and well-being filling your days. What once sent you off into a verbal and mental morass just doesn’t matter as much to you. A lifelong dream is hatching into a satisfying opportunity. Continue to hone your personal responses and refine the focusing process for yourself. 

Virgo (Mercury) – Don’t hang on too tight to old ideas, or you’ll miss an opportunity to learn something new about yourself. Something you’ve been working on for quite a while comes into fruition in a big way. Through this fruition, you’ll discover a new way to approach day-to-day existence. 

Libra (Venus) – Another piece of the foundation is falling into place, and it’s time to celebrate. Don’t remain angry, and stop looking over your shoulder for something bad to show up. This achievement is remarkable, and you’ve accomplished it in a peaceful caring manner. Don’t drop the ball. Instead, request Divine Order to help you move on.

Scorpio (Pluto) – Fear can feel very real, but it’s just there to tell you you’ve taken a wrong turn. In truth, if you will face it and dismantle it, it will dissipate. Once it’s dissolved, new ideas and opportunities can flow toward you. If nightmares are stalking you, you’re not dealing with a fear-filled situation in your day time experience. Victory arrives soon.

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – You’ve asked for something to happen, but you’re blocking it from doing so. That’s a lot of energy to fight with, so lighten up, and let it flow into being. If it isn’t perfect, so what? It’s just a result, and you can start over at any time. What illusions do you hold about being happy?

Capricorn (Saturn) – The money struggle between you and a partner (employer, spouse, instructor, creditor) has more to do with a belief about yourself. It’s just a minor issue, and nothing is truly amiss. Are you judging a situation because of what you perceive as the “right steps” to take? A kind gesture will be appreciated.

Aquarius (Uranus) – You think you don’t have what you need, when you have exactly what’s needed. Allow the worry to soften, so you can focus better on being more balanced in your approach. You’re caught in an illusion about where your power comes from and how it operates. 

Pisces (Neptune) – Can you accept that life is in constant motion and nothing remains the same from moment-to-moment? When you accept each day as it shows up and be happy about it regardless, you can make choices that better support your goals. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is responsible for how they feel.