The Easy Way to Calm the Mind Quickly

Disclaimer: Please note, if you’re suffering from a mental illness, please seek a qualified professional for help. Our information is not meant to help solve mental illness issues.

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Calm the Mind and Succeed

Calm the mind to grow confident and happy in your life.

Any athlete will tell you the biggest challenge they face is with their own thoughts. They know that the belittling voice inside their head is a trap. Changing the way they think helps them improve and move forward.

Here at PsychicTrail, we do understand that the internal voice can be debilitating. However, we don’t run races, and we don’t compete. We’re also not too keen on setting goals. In fact, we think goal setting is an outdated concept. 

Instead, we like to broaden our awareness by pivoting away from old thinking and replacing it with new thoughts and beliefs. We aim for new thoughts that highlight the positive aspects of what we are observing.

Here’s What We Know 

Fear is man-made. If you listen to what fearful people have to say, and you decide to believe them, guess what? You’ve now turned your focus away from your inner guidance/Source and toward fear. You’ve temporarily forgotten that abundance and joy and solutions are everywhere for you. 

You are always connected to Source energy because you are Source energy. There’s no one manipulating you or causing things to happen to you, although it may look that way. Becoming aware of your own thoughts and the contents of your mind will help you unravel these ideas. 

Here’s How You Release the Resistance and Calm the Mind

Your job is to drop the fear. It’s a job that can appear to be difficult. You’ve been trained to look away from who you are, and you now have to seemingly undo old habits. Those beliefs are going to shout at you constantly until you learn to stop listening to them. 

Here’s the trick: You don’t have to figure out the why of anything or the reason. Just drop the old thoughts all together. 

Music and Meditation Can Redirect the Mind

This takes practice and vigilance. We’ve use a number of tools to help us make the process a bit easier to practice. 

 Try this CD for support:

There are lots of new ideas on this combination CD and book that you can use right away. We recommend reading and listening to the first two segments before launching into nightly listening. We really love the segment on Well-Being and, at first, we were a bit freaked out about the segment on Relationships…but we got over that eventually.

Don’t forget a good pair of earbuds is essential.