Fear. What Happens When No One is In Charge?

Are you connecting to fear, or are you adapting to new concepts? Welcome to the ever-changing Earth where belief systems are being challenged. As a result, your understanding of being human is being challenged, too. In fact, the very way you operate in the world is being challenged.

Our World is Shifting

Remember, outer experiences are a delayed result of inner beliefs. As humans, we operate on many different levels, and we manifest according to our inner structuring. In other words, we stack our belief systems to build and structure our world. We combine them, and we isolate some. We push others to the forefront of our day-to-day existence.

Most people operate in complete unknowing of this. In fact, many are actually afraid of the idea of facing their beliefs. Some of us embrace this concept.

The Big Puddle of Goo

This murky, sticky mess we’re in right now is part of a process.

The story about the caterpillar turning into the butterfly plays a dominant role at this point in time. Inside the cocoon the caterpillar completely disintegrates to become the butterfly. Compare what’s happening in our physical world right now with that sticky gooey disintegration of the caterpillar.

Eventually, we’ll reform our world and come out the other side in a unique and utterly beautiful way. Meanwhile, everyone is in the messy, soupy mix of transformation.

What’s the Timeline?

We’re in this process until it completes. Therefore, there’s no way to really know what the timeline is because each of us is having our own experience within it. I would venture to say the gooey mess will be in place at least through 2021 and as far as 2024. There will be breakthroughs and failures throughout that time span.

In short, we don’t know what it will all look like once the process completes. Most believe that we’ll shift back and forth for a decade or more until each thread is woven into the fabric of where we’re headed.

Wrap Your Head Around This

Growth never ends, and processes and ideas can morph and change. This can make many people live in constant fear. Altering your personal path is possible. Deciding on a goal and heading in the direction of the goal, is a good idea, however, you’re constantly changing. Constantly. This indicates that the goal will likely change, and possibly become unimportant.

You are an ever-changing field of information. See yourself that way for a moment. See yourself as a sphere of moving energy. Forget about what you physically look like for a moment, and feel yourself as energy.

Energy follows focus, and energy vibrates. Instead of focusing on fear, focus on higher thought, on solutions, and on the highest good of all concerned. This will connect you with those energies and other people who believe in silver linings. It places you out of reach of lower thought forms.

It’s not possible to stay in such high energy 100% of the time. You’ll fall in and out of it. You’re changing all the time. Be kind to yourself.

Are you focused on fear right now?

Establishing a clear core of focus can help you navigate with fewer road blocks. How you respond to the world around you is based on your core of beliefs. How you respond is really the only thing you are in control of right now.

Simple steps to take to transform fear

There are many ways to strip away negative programming and fear. Start with these steps:

  • Stop fear by reducing the number of news feeds you follow. Above all, choose several news outlets you know to be committed to the facts, and check them once a day. As a result, you’ll stay up-to-date on the latest requirements, without indulging in constant information. Repetition of uncomfortable information isn’t helpful.
  • Start truly listening to the words you speak because your words are reinforcing ideas. Most importantly, pay particular attention to sentences that start with the words “I am…”
  • Encouraging your family to move into spans of quiet time without electronics is a very good way to spend time sequestered.
  • Connect to nature is some way. Nature can help keep you balanced whether it’s through a daily walk in a park or along a nature trail or by gardening. Bird watching is another good activity, and so is watching nature shows and films.
  • Follow basic hygiene practices without the obsession. Handwashing and regular cleaning habits can work to eliminate a level of concern and help relieve the mind.